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Barrington Howe have a range of investment opportunities so that you can decide on how to invest your money. The common factors of these investments are that they provide an above average yield and a form of security. An Alternative Investment is an investment in a product other than traditional or institutional investments such as stocks and shares. At Barrington Howe we go beyond the traditional under-performing products and offer a range of asset classes to invest in yielding greater returns for long term growth.

The investment market is becoming bigger each year with various type of investment classes.  At Barrington Howe, we focus on secured investments which provide a form of security. This could be an asset or insurance with capital protection.  This provides greater investor protection through some form or risk mitigation. Although these investment opportunities are not regulated, we ensure that the products have a high degree of compliance and act in a regulated fashion. Whilst the alternative investment market can be lucrative in terms of its returns, great care must be taken when selecting the right investment or you.

An investment producing high yields is not always the best option. The more sensible and professional approach as to how to invest money is to consider all aspects of the investment proposal such as whether there is security and what are the risks involved.

At Barrington Howe, we only consider investment opportunities or investment products that have been through a series of due diligence. These alternative investments are not available on the high streets and provide an “alternative” to more well-known investments. We do not deal with a huge range of products. We are more particular about the companies we work with. We request due diligence and transparency is available to both ourselves and our clients to ensure it is a long term viable option.

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