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About The Investment

Cemetery plots are essentially a land investment with planning permission with a guaranteed exit of 40% return in 2 years. There is a huge shortage of burial plots to house the dead. London is already over populated so the demand for burial plots is ever increasing. Many cemeteries in London are closed to new burials, and most of the remaining cemeteries reserve plots only for local residents to reserve what little stock they have left.

This is a new cemetery in Rainham, Essex. It’s within the M25 and ideally located to a dense overpopulated area of London with a shortage of burial plots. Millions of people live within a short distance of this cemetery. Burial costs rose over 69% between 2007 and 2013. Prices are to continue to rise with an increasing population and less available burial spaces.

This is an opportunity for investing in cemetery plots in a cemetery accommodating for the increase in population. Its London location represents many benefits. A mere 20 minutes from central London. It’s within the M25 and easily accessible by London transport or by car. The minimum investment is £9,600 equivalent to 4 cemetery plots. You will own the plots outright and they are fully registered by a solicitor with land registry.


Return on investment example

Number of plotsInvestment Capital40% Return

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How It Works

You purchase a minimum of 4 plots at £2400 each. Once the solicitor has completed the conveyancing, you will own the plots. Just like buying a property. The site has been purchased by a developer outright with individual plots being made available. In essence you are benefiting from the bulk purchase of the developer. The site has a RICS valuation of £50 million which is available as part of the due diligence pack on request. The plots also have the benefit of a 99 year lease which is considerably longer than the usual 50 year. The first phase has completely sold out and the second phase is currently available. There are 2500 plots available. The developer will remarket the plots to funeral directors and “end users”.

Due Diligence

Additional and detailed information is available on request.

  • A solicitor handles the conveyancing on behalf of investors
  • The land has been acquired by the developer with full title registered at land registry
  • Full planning permission is in place
  • The environmental report is clear with no concerns
  • The company is 75% owned by the developer with a net worth of £400 million
  • The RICS report highlights comparable prices for plots in other London boroughs
  • 25% of funds will be held in escrow to cover the buy back guarantee

Risk Factors And Mitigation

  • In the event of plots not resold – investors receive the 40% premium at month 24 or become free of the resale agreement and can either keep the plots or sell them
  • If the developer goes bust – investors have the Right To Bury for each of the plots, sell them to a new owner of the entire cemetery or individually on the open market


40% return within 2 years.

Minimum Investment


Term Agreement 

Ownership with a 99 year lease

Pension Approved

Cash only


This is an opportunity to invest into an asset class that has been increasing in value year on year with no impact from economic markets. It also has the benefit of a defined exit strategy of 40%. With a 20% per annum short term investment; it represents a viable alternative to the buy to let market. With full ownership, you have several options available to you.  You can hold on to the investment longer term, selling it yourself or even keeping.

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Request A Digital Brochure

request a digital brochure

Obtain a detailed brochure on any of our high yield investment opportunities.

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