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About the investment
This is an ISA (Individual Saving Accounts) product providing a high fixed income return of 9.85% per annum with the associated tax-free benefits of an ISA. An ISA is simply an account for your savings or investments that you don’t pay tax on.  Any interest that you earn does not count towards your personal savings allowance either. It provides the opportunity to transfer your under-performing cash and stocks and shares ISA into a fixed income arguably giving the best ISA rates in the market.

Each financial year, an ISA allowance is set. For the current financial year the ISA allowance has an annual level of £20,000.  This is the maximum amount that you can invest or save from April to April. It is interchangeable between cash and investments, so you don’t need to already have a Stocks & Shares ISA to be able to transfer into this ISA.

The underlying investment to this ISA specialises in providing short term finance lending to the US consumer market. This is sometimes known as peer to peer lending. The investment provides working liquidity and funding to regulated short-term credit lenders in the United States of America through investment into a variety of debt instruments. The investment is listed on recognised exchange complete with ISIN identifier and Bloomberg/Telkurs tickers and quoted in Financial Times. Security is an important factor when deciding on investing.  The bond only invests into debt instruments that are covered by insurance policies that offer the security of 95% capital repayment in the event of default providing extra security and capital protection. With a return of 9.85% per annum it can be considered on the basis of yield the best cash ISA currently available. Especially when compared to mainstream ISAs, high interest savings accounts and savings bonds.

9.85% per annum, payable annually

Minimum Investment

Term Agreement
5 years. Investors can exit each year with 40 days’ notice prior to the anniversary of their investment without charge or penalty.

Cash only

What is an ISA?
ISA stands for Individual Savings Account

How much does the it pay?
It’s 9.85% per annum

Is the interest paid tax free?
Yes it is tax free

Do I need to declare this?
According to HMRC, you do not need to declare your ISA interest on your annual tax declaration

Is the interest variable?
The interest is a fixed income of 9.85% per annum making it one of the best cash ISAs based on yield

Can I get financial advice on this before I proceed?
Yes you can. This is an advised product.  An IFA will go through everything with you.

What’s the maximum I can invest?
You have an annual ISA allowance of £15,240 for the year 2016/17. This is the maximum that can be saved April to April.

Can I roll over my allowance if I don’t use it all?
Unfortunately you cannot. If you don’t use your allowance it can’t be rolled over to the next year. You just get a new allowance the following year.

Is there a charge for financial advice?
Yes there is. It’s a 1% charge one off fee. Plus an annual management fee 1% fee.

Can I transfer my existing ISAs into this?
Yes you can. You don’t’ have to cash it in and then send as a cash payment. You can send over your existing savings that you’ve built up over the years

How often can I take my interest?
Your interest is paid annually on 30th June each year

How long do I need to keep the money in for?
It’s a 5 year investment. However, you can take your funds out annually (with 30 days’ notice).

Are there any penalties?
Only if you withdraw your capital before 2 years

This is probably the best cash ISA on the market in terms of it’s high yield. Recently the telegraph published what they thought were the best cash isa rates on the market. You can see them here.

This ISA also comes with advice from an IFA as part of the service to ensure it’s suitability for an investor. The investment is insurance backed with 95% capital protection. Compared to high street ISAs, there is no comparison based on the returns. ISAs are a great way to save on tax if you take advantage of your yearly allowance. With a fixed rate cash ISA, it’s preferable keep your funds in for the duration of the agreement to take advantage of the tax free benefit. However, interest for this is payable annually which you can withdraw should you need to.

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request a digital brochure

Obtain a detailed brochure on any of our high yield investment opportunities.

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