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About the Investment
This is a 5 year medium term note investment or corporate bond specialising in providing short term finance or funding to the US Market. It is a tradeable medium term note (EMTN) and listed on a reputable exchange recognised by MiFID and FCA as a standard asset. As a result, this investment is eligible for pension investment. In addition, the EMTN is redeemable annually providing more flexibility for an investor. It is available in multi-currency options; GBP, USD or EUR. It is aimed at the investment and pension market, especially SIPP, SASS and QROPS.

The EMTN investment is in the form of structured debt securities with relatively low risk profiles. The need for liquid capital to lend in the market place is at an all-time high. The market in the US has been valued at around $50 billion per annum and capital demand exceeds supply! There is an ever increasing need for lending of which this investment provides various funding options. It has on-going funding agreements with financial institutions, peer to peer lending companies, Short term and micro lending companies as well as Mezzanine lending.

This medium term note investment has the benefit of insurance providing capital protection**. In a market where demand exceeds supply, returns are above average. This is in addition to the security over the capital loaned which is making in excess of 400%.  This is an extremely high return on investment with comparatively low risk. These are important factors that investors consider when making decisions on investing. It is a fixed income investment providing a return of 9.85% per annum, paid quarterly. If choosing USD or EUR, the returns are 12% per annum. It is also available as a loan note investment with a return of 12-14% per annum.

How It Works
There is a huge demand for short term finance or lending in the US market. As previously stated it is a $50 billion market! There is security over the loan book which is generating significant returns over 400% per annum giving a high level of security plus the insurance for capital protection. A fixed income is generated from the funds and the business uses state of the art real time data analysis to ensure it is constantly up to date with all of it’s funds. This in the form of how much is being borrowed, interest rates generated and accumulated to ensure that the insurance is kept up to date with the lending status. The insurance company has step in rights over the loan book as part of the insurance.


Medium Term Note: 9.85% Per annum paid quarterly
Loan Note: 12-14% per annum paid quarterly

Minimum Investment

Term Agreement
EMTN: 5 years. Redeemable annually with 30 days’ notice
Loan Note: 1-5 years. Redeemable annually with 30 days’ notice

Cash or Pension

Cash or pension

This is a high net worth medium term note investment opportunity with an entry level of £100,000 giving a fixed income interest rate of 9.85%. Backed by insurance and collection rights and combined with the high percentage of capital cover, this significantly reduces the risk of investing into this sector. The resulting superior returns generated provide a business model with the ability to pay a high rate of interest to investors. If you are considering what to invest in, this redeemable bond sometime known as a callable bond is providing significant capital protection and therefore risk mitigation. As a standard asset, this EMTN is also eligible for a pension investment. The same investment is available through a lower entry bond at £10,000. Details can be found HERE. It is also available as an ISA and a loan note investment. Call Barrington Howe for full details on 0203 086 8863.

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request a digital brochure

Obtain a detailed brochure on any of our high yield investment opportunities.

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