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About the Investment
This is a 5 year corporate bond specialising in providing short term finance lending to the US consumer market. Sometimes referred to as peer to peer lending. The business is to provide working liquidity and funding to regulated short-term credit lenders in the United States of America through investment into a variety of debt instruments. Security is an important factor when deciding on investing.  The bond only invests into debt instruments that are covered by insurance policies that offer the security of 95% capital repayment in the event of default. A trustee holds charge over the Company’s assets and if the bond issuer were to cease trading, the trustee would insure any client funds still in the market would be repaid as scheduled in the Information Memorandum.

The bond issuer is a UK based Limited Company specialising in the global loan markets with their primary focus being the international Peer to Peer lending, Payday Loan and Pawn broking sectors.  Over the past 5 years both of these business models have seen massive global expansion, and with ever more lenders entering the marketplace the need for financing is at an all-time high. The high rates of return synonymous with these industries and the ever increasing need for loans by the general population has given the bond issuer the opportunity to fund various loan enterprises on an international basis. With such high business sector growth rates, the bond issuer has been fortunately placed to take time to evaluate the more technologically advanced, ethical and well-administered companies to partner with. Therefore excellent synergistic relationships have been cultivated between The Company and its corporate borrowers.

9.85% per annum, payable quarterly in arrears (first payment starting approximately 105 days after funds enter the market and every 91 days thereafter.

Minimum Investment
£10,000, then increments of £5,000. Subscriptions are also available in Euros and U.S Dollars and in multiples of 5,000.

Term Agreement
5 years. Investors can exit each year with 40 days’ notice prior to the anniversary of their investment without charge or penalty.

Cash only

This is an opportunity for an astute investor to take advantage of a low entry point for an investment usually only available as a high net worth. A Flexible offer in multi currencies GBP, USD and EUR and the ability to redeem annually if you require doing so.  It has the protection of insurance and collection rights.  Combined with the high percentage of capital cover, this significantly reduces the risk of investing into this sector. Peer to peer lending has become a popular and highly successful form of raising investment funds. The resulting superior returns generated provide a business model with the ability to pay a high rate of interest to investors. If you are considering what to invest in, this fixed income bond is provides significant capital protection and therefore risk mitigation.

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request a digital brochure

Obtain a detailed brochure on any of our high yield investment opportunities.

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