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Cemetery plots: Hottest Investment for 2016?

Most investors took a step back from investment decisions shortly after Brexit, What were the reasons? Not sure about the markets. Unclear about where to invest their money. With new taxation rules coming in April 2017, even buy to let investors are looking for an alternative investment.

Cemetery plot investment is now the hottest investment opportunity ticking all the boxes for investors. London is already struggling to house its living population. Many people are not aware but there is a major crisis facing a crisis in finding a home for its dead! London is past its peak of 8.6 million increasing the pressure on burial plots. This is compounded by the fact that two London boroughs in the form of Tower Hamlets and Hackney don’t have any land available in their borough. This in turn forces the locals to look further afield. A few miles from both of these boroughs are Rainham Cemetery in Essex where investors can buy cemetery plots as an investment.

These London cemetery plots are seen as a fantastic investment opportunity to savers who are keen to move away from buy-to-let property. The Rainham site is ideally located within the M25 and close to boroughs with either no land is available for burials. In addition this would suit and a large Muslim community living in the local area. Location Location Location. That’s what the shrewd property and land investors always tout and this is no different. “The numbers are compelling” stated Peter Evans, Managing Director of Barrington Howe. “ The average price per cemetery plot for a non-resident in Havering Council is over £5700. Our research has shown that there has been a 47.5% increase in Havering Council for burial plots since 2012. This is a highly appreciating asset, a supply shortage and a huge demand.”

“Anyone can do their homework and see it’s well documented that there’s a shortage in burial space and by 2021 all the boroughs could well be exhausted,” says Peter Evans, who’s company specialises in asset backed investment opportunities. “It’s ideal for investors looking for an alternative to buy to let. The developer is guaranteeing a 40% return in 2 years. And with capital gains tax allowances, investors can net 20% pa which is an incredible return.”

Havering council have increased the price of burial plots in their cemeteries by over 30% this year, a compelling figure for any investor. Whilst a burial plot or cemetery plot not might be to everyone’s taste, it does provide an alternative investment for those looking for ownership with a fixed exit strategy. Cemetery plot investment could be a viable alternative to the buy to let market.

Cemetery plots

Worldwide Investment

What’s new in the world of investment?

The Bank of England is releasing trails of information into the media to suggest an interest rate rise possibly by the end of the year. Experts believe with the Chinese Black Monday, lowering oil prices and the turmoil in the global markets that bank interest rates will not increase until February of 2016. The Chinese stock market nosedived by a whopping 8.5% recently sending investors into panic. Even to the point that the Chinese reduced their bank interest rate in attempt to soften the blow.

Oil prices have hit an all-time low this year on the back of the Chinese market with many employees within the industry being laid off. Economists are predicting that US Federal Reserve will suspend their September interest rate increase and Bank of England’s forecast to be put back after the early 2016 forecast. Analysts have stated that the weakness in emerging markets is now spreading to developed markets. That in turn doesn’t make a base rate increase viable in the US or UK in the coming months ahead.

How has this effected worldwide investment? Whilst the unpredictability of the stock market has kicked in, the fixed rate returns of asset back investments that Barrington Howe specialise in continue to thrive. With the business models strong enough to stand a drop in the market, these secured assets continue to raise millions in private funding giving above average returns in the form of fixed rate bonds and property loan notes. With interest rates still at an all-time low, bank savings are still receiving an extremely low return and have done so for over 5 years. The decision on where is the best place to invest always poses a conundrum. However, fixed rate asset backed alternative investment is still thriving.