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Investing in successful projects are key to Barrington Howe. We assists clients who want to know where to invest by providing high yielding secured investment opportunities. The investment products are chosen on the basis of their due diligence and compliance. We do not select products that do not offer client protection. The investments provide security so that it does not expose investors to a higher form of risk.

Our services provide a solution for creating wealth through investments. Through our pension service, it enables clients to utilise a pension to create a retirement pot they can comfortably look to retire on. With tax planning, it enables you to legally mitigate tax in key areas and receive the professional advice you need to avoid unnecessary taxes.

Barrington Howe is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and as such do not offer advice. We do however act in a professional and compliant manner and work with authorised advisers where we need them to facilitate a service such as pension advice. Our role is to explain the products and services provided, not to advise clients.

With the investment products, we meet the company and team behind it and in many occasions carry out on-site inspection trips such as Dolphin Trust in Germany which we have visited twice. This is important for our business and our clients to ensure we are working with partners that provide the transparency required.
Our business is in the investment, pension and tax industries. These are private and extremely important services and as such we value client confidentiality and prefer meeting clients face to face to discuss such important and sensitive matters. The options are either through a one to one meeting or attending our seminars in London.
In 2014, our investment product portfolio provided an average returns of over 10% per annum with added benefit of security.

Investment Opportunities

Invest in low risk secured asset back investments giving a fixed rate of return. Choose an investment that suits you from the variety of products.

Tax Planning

Rearrange your financial affairs to reduce the amount of tax you pay through professional tax planning. This covers corporation, inheritance & personal tax.


See how your pension can provide a better return to boost your pot in retirement. We can offer you pension reviews and pension transfers as part of our service.

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“Barrington Howe invested my pension to give much greater returns that any high street bank, quite simply they are the experts when maximising returns on investments”

John Richards – Telecoms Consultant

“I have known the Directors of Barrington Howe for some time and they have always acted ethically. They have given me a greater insight into wealth management.”

Carl Leaburn- Ex professional footballer

“Very knowledgeable and have some great ideas and services. I am amazed at the returns I can generate and the tax I can save.”

Steve Johnson – Business owner & Investor

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