New Pension Rules could lead to further debt

This year, radical new UK pension rules were announced to allow pension holders the chance to take their entire pension at retirement rather than take out an annuity, an income for life option. Has this turned the world of annuity upside down? Before the budget announcement, the only draw down was a 25 per cent tax free lump sum at 55. Now with the new pension rules, it has opened the door for pension holders to take a much larger lump sum when desired.

Let’s look at the changes. As of April 2015, anyone from the age over 55 will be able to take 100 per cent of their pension as cash. This will apply to both workplace and personal pensions. It will not however apply to final-salary pension schemes. The ability to take a 25 per cent of your pension free from income tax still remains. The remaining draw downs will be subject to income tax.

But won’t this open the door to increased consumer spending or using the money for the wrong reasons? Research from Friends Life has shown that only 7% of us will take all our funds out in one lump sum. The temptation is to spend it rather than invest it wisely. The key is not to spend but invest wisely. Pensioners do not have the time or energy to make up losses so it’s vital that good choices are made. Low risk secure investments ensure the preservation of capital which a pensioners profile matches.

Peter Evans of Barrington Howe says “We have spoken to a number of potential clients over options available to them once the new pension rules change next year. With our products and solutions, pensioners could actually make a significant gain financially and benefit from the new pension rules. With sensible pension planning, pensioners could not only access 100 per cent of their pension but can also receive a greater interest compared to the average pension. Our products are already showing incredible returns of 100 per cent under six years!”

How does this effect an annuity? Peter went on to answer “We have already seen annuities drop from the institutional pension companies such as Standard Life. We would expect to see it drop further across a number of pension companies”


Dolphin Capital Security is the favoured option

Barrington Howe offers alternative investment opportunities to investors seeking and in recent months we have noticed a high number of prospective clients are looking to more secure investments. Whilst many people have suffered losses to bad alternative investments in recent years, the preferred choice of investment is for a more secure one, sometimes referred to as asset backed. The feeling is that investors want a hands free approach but only if they feel comfortable with the product. The preference is for fixed rates of returns but the main criterion is security. How do I know my funds are secure? How can I be sure that there is a legitimate route for my funds and interest to be paid back? These questions have been consistently asked by clients.

Property investment will always be a popular choice of investment type. It’s tangible and has a great track record for both capital gain and yield if done correctly. As a company we have been dealing with Dolphin Capital for 2 years and our clients are overly satisfied by the proposition. It gives them the level of security they require. In addition it gives a clear level of transparency to understand the investment model. People in the over aged 50 category cannot afford to lose their funds as they cannot work long enough to make it back. So selecting a low risk property investment is crucial in their decision making. After presenting the Dolphin Capital opportunity, we have found that investor clients have been hugely impressed by its model for security, not to mention the impressive returns.

Banks are only offering 0.5 per cent interest per annum. Cash ISAs are offering no more than 3 per cent per annum. These are both low interest rates but the dilemma is where to invest? Some investment offer returns of 10 per cent but without any form of security. People are unclear of where to invest their hard earned money to ensure that there capital is preserved, protected. Dolphin Capital seems to fit the low risk profile for cautious investors. Barrington Howe is now entering its third year as an authorised agent and has seen success via both cash investor and pension investors (SIPP and SSAS). “We look forward to more successful years with Dolphin Capital and our valued clients”.

Investing money? Want to Be the Bank?

Wouldn’t you like to Be the bank? For years banks have been reaping the rewards and making substantial profits regardless of the economy. This has been the same for centuries. Billions and billions made regardless of the market conditions. Wouldn’t you like to know of profitable ways on investing money.

But if you had an opportunity to do what the banks do would you take it?
If you could replicate what the banks do to make profits by investing money, would you do it?

Considering how they have structured themselves with contracts, investing and loaning funds historically, they have been very successful. A simple formula that has worked for years and years. What am I referring to? In terms of the ability to buy property, offering mortgages is the central hub of property buying on a global scale. But what if you could offer a mortgage with the same benefits?

When a property is bought and you use a mortgage, the bank lends the money and takes a first legal charge on the property. This first legal charge is the security. They don’t own the property but they have the first legal charge ensures that they get paid back their money first before anyone!

What if you could replicate exactly what the banks do and make a substantial profit for yourself?

The banks only lend money in this way if their tight criteria are met and have security against their money. This way they ensure that they will get their money back FIRST before anyone as well as making a healthy profit. But what if you could do this? Let’s face it, the interest rates the banks give is virtually nothing.

What if you could Be the Bank and offer a mortgage? What if you could lend funds in the most secure method on property with full security for your own money. Investing money by being the bank. The ability to protect your funds with security and make a fixed income, just like the banks. Wouldn’t that be great? Why not? Why can’t you have a legal agreement drafted by the same solicitors that advise global banks without having to pay for it?

Be The Bank – It’s All About Security, Security, Security
Well you can now. Regardless of whether you are inexperienced in finance or a professional or sophisticated investor, you can benefit from being the bank. It doesn’t matter what country you are located in. You can receive all the financial benefits of what a bank does without the need for being one.

Now you can Be the Bank by investing money but with an additional security feature. You can have additional security not only against the property but also with the added privilege of your capital and interest held by a solicitor in an Escrow account for additional protection! Now you can Be the Bank and more!

If you would like to Be the Bank, simply email with your name and number and one of our staff will call you and share the Be the Bank Opportunity. If you have a minimum of £10,000 or a SIPP, you can Be the bank, Beat the Bank rather than finance the bank.