Godwin capital

Godwin Capital. Investment Success in the face of Brexit

Godwin Capital, the financial arm to Godwin Developments is a business on the up. It’s latest offering Godwin Capital 7 sees a £20 million loan note raise for developing property. They recently announced that they had exchanged contracts on a prime site in Bletchley, Milton Keynes, where they will construct 184 apartments in phase one of a build-to-rent (BTR) scheme. The development on Bletchley View will also include three commercial units and total more than 165,000 sq. ft. with a gross development value of £50 million for the first phase – part of a total project valued at £125 million.

Godwin Developments was founded in 2003 by Stephen and Stuart Pratt. The business has grown and further sites have been acquired assisted by private investment through Godwin Capital. Godwin Developments is focused on the residential and commercial property development and investment opportunities within an area bordered by Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol and Cambridge, which encompasses the main population centres in the Midlands. Godwin Developments is a recognised and well regarded name in the Midlands property market and over the years has built a good reputation for professionalism, quality and delivery.

In the residential sector, Godwin Developments focus on high yielding opportunities in the Private Rental Sector (PRS Schemes), Private Housing, Housing Association and Local Council & Quasi-Governmental Bodies. In the commercial property sector, there is a strong focus on opportunities in  Industrial, Local Neighbourhood Centres and Retail. Over the years they have delivered  a variety of retail parks across the UK with some of the leading fast food chains and retailers, such as McDonalds, Starbucks, Aldi and Lidl but to name a few.

The business has investment criteria including a target return for each project type against which each opportunity is assessed when determining which ones to pursue and invest resources in. A seasoned team of ‘in-house’ professionals work closely with external consultants to deliver quality developments in line with detailed and comprehensively prepared project appraisals.

Godwin Capital have become somewhat experts at mitigating risk and operate a very clearly defined set of investment criteria all of which are monitored by their Property Advisory Board. This development management function comprises of individuals with strong track records and considerable experience of building successful developments in the residential, retail and commercial sectors. In fact, Godwin Developments is proud of its track record in never having failed to secure a planning permission for a site.

Key Features

• Minimum investment of only £5,000
•  Automatic exit at the end of year 2
• Income option pays 10% p.a
• Deferred option pays 12% p.a
• Multiple layers of security
• The landlord to buildings for Lidl, Aldi and McDonalds
• Appointed Security Trustee to protect investors capital
• Registered First Legal Charge and a floating debenture on company assets
• No operational costs
• Simple Investment Process