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At Barrington Howe, we treat every private client with respect and importance. We aim to give clear and concise information and introduce you to profitable investment opportunities. Your money is your hard earned money. Your decision is important and as such you will be treated with the respect it deserves.


We are a London based investment company providing opportunities in secured asset backed investments.  These opportunities are available to high net worth and sophisticated investors. We adopt an ethical and independent approach by providing you with background and due diligence information in order for you to conduct your research. We work with independent financial advisers ( IFA) who can assist you with advice in investment and pension matters.

Our aim is to act ethically and transparently providing researched high yield secured investment products for our clients. We are here to assist clients to achieve their investment goals by providing investment options. At the same time we aim to build long term relationships with our private clients by offering selective investments that match your criteria and suitability. We do not give advice but give an explanation to the opportunities available either over the phone but preferably through face to face meetings.

In order to provide great service to our clients, it’s important that we understand you and your financial goals. We are then better equipped to help you achieve your investment targets whether its income or growth, short or long term. With our excellent choice of investment opportunities you can choose the best product for your investment strategy whilst we explain and support you along the way.

Barrington Howe has introduced qualified investors into success property investment opportunities consistently delivering double digit returns. Whilst the banks and building societies have been delivering all time low interest returns, our property loan notes and mini bonds have greatly outperformed them.

Whilst a typical UK savings account will return 1% after tax, a typical investment opportunity through Barrington Howe provides 10%. Based on a £20,000 capital, consider the alternatives

Bank or building society interest £200


Investment opportunity through Barrington Howe £2000

Would you like 90% more than what the banks offer?

With our expertise and  knowledge, we can introduce you to these investment opportunities providing a fixed return over a fixed period agreement term . All through a secure structure.

We run wealth seminars in London to meet our clients and to present first hand the investment opportunities. If you would like to be informed of our up and coming investment seminars, then click below to make an inquiry.  View our latest seminars.

Investment Opportunities

Invest in low risk secured asset back investments giving a fixed rate of return. Choose an investment that suits you from the variety of products.

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“Barrington Howe invested my pension to give much greater returns that any high street bank, quite simply they are the experts when maximising returns on investments”

John Richards – Telecoms Consultant

“I have known the Directors of Barrington Howe for some time and they have always acted ethically. They have given me a greater insight into wealth management.”

Carl Leaburn- Ex professional footballer

“Very knowledgeable and have some great ideas and services. I am amazed at the returns I can generate and the tax I can save.”

Steve Johnson – Business owner & Investor

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