Dolphin Capital rebrands globally to Dolphin Trust

Dolphin Capital GMBH

9th February 2015 | By Editor

Over the last 2 and a half years, Barrington Howe has been extremely successful as a master agency with the Dolphin Capital investment. In fact, the Dolphin Capital property investment has gone from strength to strength building on a strong and assured business model giving investors more comfort when investing into an asset backed investment.

As of November 2014, German-based listed building developers Dolphin Capital and their associated international partners rebranded to Dolphin Trust. With continuing international expansion and global success, trademark protection of the company’s name is needed for a defined brand identity and to allow further growth within the group. An important part of the rebrand is a new public image for the company including a new corporate design as the foundation for all communication including a brand new global website.

Part of the rebranding is no doubt due to wanting to disassociate itself from other companies with the same or similar name.  We at Barrington Howe have ourselves been made aware of this confusion through our own experience.  We found that on occasions, potential clients carrying out their own due diligence confused Dolphin Capital with other companies that had, let’s put it politely a bad reputation. Even a small error like that can have big implications in giving a potential investor the wrong impression of what is a  reliable and proven investment, even though it is a completely different company. The rebranding to Dolphin Trust is a smart move.

“The significance of the new name is in part a reflection on our customers and partners, who have made our success possible in only seven years”, says Charles Smethurst, founder and CEO of Dolphin Trust. “But even more it represents our claim to breathe life into words such as sustainability, transparency, honesty and trust.” Smethurst stresses further.

Dolphin Capital was originally launched in 2008, uniting a group of companies that had worked together for over 25 years, and since then has developed a reputation as a leader in the market for development of historic listed buildings in Germany. Today, Dolphin Trust will continue these long traditions and diversify into new fields such as residential construction and land development.

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