Dolphin Capital Security is the favoured option


11th July 2014 | By Editor

Barrington Howe offers alternative investment opportunities to investors seeking and in recent months we have noticed a high number of prospective clients are looking to more secure investments. Whilst many people have suffered losses to bad alternative investments in recent years, the preferred choice of investment is for a more secure one, sometimes referred to as asset backed. The feeling is that investors want a hands free approach but only if they feel comfortable with the product. The preference is for fixed rates of returns but the main criterion is security. How do I know my funds are secure? How can I be sure that there is a legitimate route for my funds and interest to be paid back? These questions have been consistently asked by clients.

Property investment will always be a popular choice of investment type. It’s tangible and has a great track record for both capital gain and yield if done correctly. As a company we have been dealing with Dolphin Capital for 2 years and our clients are overly satisfied by the proposition. It gives them the level of security they require. In addition it gives a clear level of transparency to understand the investment model. People in the over aged 50 category cannot afford to lose their funds as they cannot work long enough to make it back. So selecting a low risk property investment is crucial in their decision making. After presenting the Dolphin Capital opportunity, we have found that investor clients have been hugely impressed by its model for security, not to mention the impressive returns.

Banks are only offering 0.5 per cent interest per annum. Cash ISAs are offering no more than 3 per cent per annum. These are both low interest rates but the dilemma is where to invest? Some investment offer returns of 10 per cent but without any form of security. People are unclear of where to invest their hard earned money to ensure that there capital is preserved, protected. Dolphin Capital seems to fit the low risk profile for cautious investors. Barrington Howe is now entering its third year as an authorised agent and has seen success via both cash investor and pension investors (SIPP and SSAS). “We look forward to more successful years with Dolphin Capital and our valued clients”.

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