Investing money? Want to Be the Bank?

10th July 2014 | By Editor

Wouldn’t you like to Be the bank? For years banks have been reaping the rewards and making substantial profits regardless of the economy. This has been the same for centuries. Billions and billions made regardless of the market conditions. Wouldn’t you like to know of profitable ways on investing money.

But if you had an opportunity to do what the banks do would you take it?
If you could replicate what the banks do to make profits by investing money, would you do it?

Considering how they have structured themselves with contracts, investing and loaning funds historically, they have been very successful. A simple formula that has worked for years and years. What am I referring to? In terms of the ability to buy property, offering mortgages is the central hub of property buying on a global scale. But what if you could offer a mortgage with the same benefits?

When a property is bought and you use a mortgage, the bank lends the money and takes a first legal charge on the property. This first legal charge is the security. They don’t own the property but they have the first legal charge ensures that they get paid back their money first before anyone!

What if you could replicate exactly what the banks do and make a substantial profit for yourself?

The banks only lend money in this way if their tight criteria are met and have security against their money. This way they ensure that they will get their money back FIRST before anyone as well as making a healthy profit. But what if you could do this? Let’s face it, the interest rates the banks give is virtually nothing.

What if you could Be the Bank and offer a mortgage? What if you could lend funds in the most secure method on property with full security for your own money. Investing money by being the bank. The ability to protect your funds with security and make a fixed income, just like the banks. Wouldn’t that be great? Why not? Why can’t you have a legal agreement drafted by the same solicitors that advise global banks without having to pay for it?

Be The Bank – It’s All About Security, Security, Security
Well you can now. Regardless of whether you are inexperienced in finance or a professional or sophisticated investor, you can benefit from being the bank. It doesn’t matter what country you are located in. You can receive all the financial benefits of what a bank does without the need for being one.

Now you can Be the Bank by investing money but with an additional security feature. You can have additional security not only against the property but also with the added privilege of your capital and interest held by a solicitor in an Escrow account for additional protection! Now you can Be the Bank and more!

If you would like to Be the Bank, simply email with your name and number and one of our staff will call you and share the Be the Bank Opportunity. If you have a minimum of £10,000 or a SIPP, you can Be the bank, Beat the Bank rather than finance the bank.

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