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About the Investment

Marcello Developments Is a Finance Loan Note providing a high-return fixed income investment in the prime London property market. After a successful launch in 2015, Marcello Developments (UK) Limited is offering £25million in Property Loan Notes to investors with a fixed interest return. There are two options to choose from; a 3 year option returning a fixed 8% per annum and a 5 year option returning a fixed 10% per annum. Both options are fully secured against assets within the company and redeemable at the end of their respective term, with no exit fees.

A key feature of the Property Loan Notes is that all investment activity is asset-backed with a Security Trustee holding a legal charge over the asset base for the security of investors. The Marcello Developments Property Loan Notes will combine a range of investments in the prime London property market including: bridging and mezzanine finance for house builders; the purchase of buy-to-let residential and commercial property; off-plan property acquisitions; and long- and short-term capital appreciation prospects.

Marcello Developments is part of a larger group called Marcello Group. It is a global investment company with offices in Singapore and Dubai, two of the world’s most highly regarded centres for business. The group operates within areas of property investment, property development, commodity trading and wealth management. Marcello Group’s primary business is bridging
financing and mezzanine debt. For more than 30 years Marcello Group has been successfully sourcing and managing a variety of investment opportunities including foreign exchange trading, open-market investments, property, agriculture and commodities.

The security aspect for Marcello Developments is handled by an independent FCA regulated trustee. They will hold the first legal charge on behalf of investors over the asset base for their protection.


3 Year Income: 8% pa paid every 6 months
5 Year Income: 10% pa paid every 6 months

Minimum Investment


Term Agreement

3 Year Income Only
5 Year Income Only

Pension Approved

Not SIPP approved
SASS Approved


This is an opportunity for an investor to effectively become part of a process lending funds on a bridging basis to property developers. As all funding has a first legal charge over the assets the funds Marcello lends are secured. Producing accounts is a rarity so this does give more transparency and confidence into Marcello Developments, its investment structure and business model. This is only open to high net worth and sophisticated investors. Retail investors do not qualify for this investment opportunity.

Important to consider:

All investors should consider the following: The Marcello Developments opportunity is an unregulated Scheme.

This means that when clients choose to avail of this opportunity, they are investing in a scheme that is not authorised or approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Clients do not have the protection of the FCA’s Financial Compensation Scheme or access to the Financial Ombudsman.

All clients are responsible for undertaking their own due diligence and investigations in respect of the opportunity and in satisfying themselves with the associated risks. Clients are advised to take whatever professional advice they deem appropriate and necessary, including, without limitation, advice from an Independent Financial Advisor authorised by the FCA to give advice in respect of such investments.

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Request A Digital Brochure

request a digital brochure

Obtain a detailed brochure on any of our high yield investment opportunities.

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