Crowd Funding Restricted Investor

Restricted investor statement


I am making this statement so that I can receive promotional communications relating to unlisted shares and unlisted debt securities as a Restricted Investor.

1) I confirm that I qualify as a Restricted Investor on the basis of the following:

(a) in the twelve months preceding todays date, I have not invested more than 10% of my net assets in unlisted shares or unlisted debt securities; and
(b) I undertake that in the twelve months following today’s date, I will not invest more than 10% of my net assets in unlisted shares or unlisted debt securities.

2) I confirm that I understand Net Assets for these purposes do not include:

(a) the property which is my primary residence or any money raised through a loan secured on that property;
(b) any rights of mine under a qualifying contract of insurance; or
(c) any benefits (in the form of pensions or otherwise) which are payable on the termination of my service or on my death or retirement and to which I am (or my dependents are), or may be entitled.

By downloading the brochures you are agreeing to subscribing to our newsletter.

I accept that the investments to which the promotions will relate may expose me to a significant risk of losing the money I have invested.

I am aware that it is open to me to seek advice from a financial advisor who is authorized to advise on investments in unlisted shares and unlisted debt securities.

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confirmation of certificate

I AGREE to the above terms

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