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Berlin Germany Property Investment

Germany Property Investment: strongest economy in Europe?

Germany Property Investment:  Why invest in the strongest economy in Europe?

Have you considered investing in German real estate?  When it comes to Germany Property Investment, it’s worth considering the numbers first.



Berlin is a German hotspot. It is still growing rapidly whilst its housing markets are developing just as dynamically. Rents and prices are rising and there is an increase in new development projects. These developments are fairly diverse with public housing corporations and private developers to exclusive city centre projects to international buyers.

Berlin’s economy and population are growing, rents and property prices are rising. The population has been growing at more than one percent a year without taking into consideration the refugees. In 2015 alone, the population increased by 48,000. This is expected to continue for the next 5-10 years. A healthy economic standard and employment demand all contribute to these numbers. The city is also very attractive, lots of amenities and space for all types of lifestyle, education, leisure, culture and creation.

It wasn’t long ago that by socio-economic standards that Berlin was below the other top six locations in Germany. Berlin is now catching up. The Housing Market Report Berlin 2017 shows that many of the stereotypes about the Berlin housing market are incorrect. The number of employees in the City has increased by 29% between 2205-2015. Unemployment has significantly reduced during the same period. Not to mention the GDP rising.

Around 15,000 new apartments are being built each year. This only accounts for 0.7% of the stock! Supply is still growing much slower than demand. Asking rents in Berlin have been rising for years too.

In fact new construction relaxes the market. Expensive apartments contribute to the highest level of segments in the market.  They in turn free up existing and more affordable apartments or provide housing for newcomers or first time buyers.

Take a look at the numbers for Germany Property Investment

400,000 new apartments needed every year to eliminate housing shortage

120,000 by which the target misses each year

4,400,000 apartments needed to be built by 2030 to meet demand

Number 1
largest economy in Europe

Number 1
export powerhouse

Number 1
Largest budget surplus in Europe

Do the signals look positive for investors considering Germany Property Investment?